Ready For Success? Overcome All Your Insurmountable Obstacles

Listen if you think that you have come to a dead end, probably take a minute reflect on Michael Jordan’s turning point which occurred when he was in his tenth grade, his temporary defeat spurred him to strive for a huge goal.

 On the day he was cut from the high school team, he went home and cried the rest of the afternoon. It would have been easy to give up after that huge disappointment. But instead, he turned this painful experience into a burning desire. He set a higher standard and an even greater goal for himself. He made a real and powerful decision; One that would shape his destiny and the destiny of Basketball sport. He didn’t want to only make the team but also to be the best player on the court. Success can come your way if you decide to either set the rules or change it to something higher than normal standard everyone adopts. At some point you might feel that all hope are lost: that moment is the right time to raise the bar and give the best fight with your last breath and last energy.

To Achieve this ambitious goal, MJ did what every other successful man or woman does: set a goal, then take an immediate and massive action. To achieve his goal he sought the help of the team’s coach. Clifton Herring, and every morning at 6. A.m., coach Herring drove MJ to the court and put him through intensive drills. Within this period of intensive actionable life he grew to 6 feet 2 inches. In fact, his desire to achieve his goal was so intense that he would hang on the iron bars at school trying to elongate his body because he though it would help him make the team.

He practiced every day, and when the time came, he proved to his Chicago Bulls coach, Doug Collins – that he is the best: It’s a proven fact that the harder you prepare the luckier you seem to get. Michael Jordan went on to win several awards in and out of the basketball court. He is today rich, a role model and has been recognised worldwide to have changed the face of the game.

Self Examine yourself: Don’t you see yourself a potential of a role model, rich and successful person? Listen even if you are not recognised worldwide, why not in your community and country? The truth is: I don’t care what think about yourself, but what I’m convinced of is that you have what it takes to rise and shine.

According to Corrie Ten Boom, “the first step on the way to victory is to recognise the enemy.” Point of correction, it is obvious that when you hear the word enemy, the first thing that comes to mind is our villages, neighbours, friends, and colleagues in the work place or even a family member. The truth is, “we are our own worst enemy.” Don’t look elsewhere, rather look inward and see what the problem is and find the solution. When you are not succeeding in something you are doing, always examine yourself, self reflect and you will find out what you are not doing right.

I remember when I felt unsuccessful and dejected, I saw myself as someone destined to fail in everything. My biggest problem was looking at others as the cause of my problem. I was pointing accusing fingers and blaming everyone else except myself. When opportunity created time to listen great minds who have mastered the game of life and also good books helped me to discover what my problem was. I began to change my belief system and then start reeducate myself. I practiced a lot of self-conviction and positive affirmation, within a short time I moved from a dejected person with deflated personality to a successful person with a purpose in life and first impression master. This isn’t flattery, but this is how I have come to see myself. Perhaps it’s time to identify the source of that  obstacles that have made you to hide your face in the sand and face it head on.

Look within. The answer to that obstacle may not be too far from you. All you need is to climb that mountain or make it a road, success is very close to you if you search and work hard and smarter than what you are doing right now. Successful men and women are people who don’t give up and they are not better than you…Step-up your game and you will amazed.

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