Early Solution to Mental Health in Women

Mental stress is mostly a strain on the body. This is as a result of routine strenuous activities which contribute some health problems. Stress affect both men and women, but here we will discuss specifically on its effect on women. Mental stress causes a reduction in blood supply to the heart. Stress affects all aspects of your life. It is most likely to affect your emotions, behavior, thinking ability and physical health.

Commonest Causes
– Financial obligations
– lack of employment
– divorce
– loss of a loved one and
– failure to meet expectations.

Women in their mid-20 to late 30’s are more vulnerable to these problems. Due to role women play in the Society and that overwhelming fear, that they may not be able to fulfill all the obligations they had to, makes them become anxious and when they fail to fulfill these responsibilities, it result to stress. Overtime they are stressed out, get burned out and depressed.

These Symptoms varies in people
The ones to pay attentions to includes having difficulty relaxing and quieting your mind, feeling depressed.

  •  You may get a headache, rapid heartbeat, low energy, forgetfulness and nervousness.
  • Stressed people easily become agitated, frustrated and moody. They often lose control of their emotions
  • Some may increase their drinking, bite nails, are unable to focus, change in appetite, procrastinating and avoiding responsibilities.

Complications due to stress
– Menstrual problems such as scanty, irregular or missed periods.
– Failure to conceive due to absence of ovulation and menstrual cycle

Simple Remedy
– Quitting smoking,
– curtailing excessive alcohol intake,
– exercising regularly,
– Take healthy amount of vitamin D

Dear Beautiful ladies, I want you to have this statement at the back of your mind, “You cannot do everything, be everything or be everywhere for your family at all time.” Take time out and make them understand that you need rest. Do you know what division of labour is? “If you can build a happy team, you will build a happy home.

Go and discover “The Secrets of Happy Families and The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork,” everyone in your family should be a member of this team, there should be no exception, even your husband, YES! That’s the honest truth. He can be a the leader and you assistant.








Your Health is all you have, take care of IT. It is more important than your money, work or business!!


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