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F.B.A. Transform was created after I was able to overcome myself defeat, failures and lack of success in my life, education, business, and missionary life. Today I am far above what I couldn’t imagine I can achieve in my life time. But before this breakthrough, I was in deep mess and everyday, I drench my pillow with tears. Asking God, “Was I created to remain at this level all my life? Was I created to be a failure who could barely feed or cloth himself? It was depressing moment in my life. Above all something kept telling me, “You can make it… don’t ever give-up, if only you can hold on for just this last moment.

F.B.A. Transform is dedicated to providing hope, encouragement, and inspiration to millions of people across Africa and the world. Through uplifting websites, books, a prayer network, and outreach programs. F.B.A. Transform help people deepen their love and faith in God, and inspires them to reach their true potential.

F.B.A. Transform will travel with you on your life’s journey, to be your partner in challenges and obstacles you encounter in your life which often affect our decision making. We will help you to provide direction.

We invite you to connect with like-minded readers, volunteers, and donors who share a sense of faith and belief in God and in the human spirit. We believe, we pray, we act, we hope and gain strength through faith in God and ourselves in order to overcome adversity.

F.B.A. Transform is the place for your “daily inspiration” — where you can read inspirational stories, request a prayer, pray for others, or share an uplifting story of your own.

We inspire you to put your faith into action and overcome your problems, achieve your potential, and help others.

We are working tirelessly to touch millions of lives every day through our uplifting stories and helpful resources. F.B.A. Transform presents these stories in digital formats; they include eBooks, and free email newsletters.

Faith, Hope, and the Power of Prayer
F.B.A. Transform offers tools and services that empower individuals to deepen their relationship with God and with others through the power of prayer. OurPrayer is a community of faith comforting people through prayer. We’re here when you need us: You may submit a prayer request via our website.

We are honored and humbled to pray for you throughout the year. Answered Prayers are testimonials of the power of prayer at work. Join us to pray for others who submit prayer requests online.

Our Timeless Vision
We envisioned a platform that would help people from all walks of life achieve their maximum personal, social and spiritual potential. Living a fulfilled life in the spirit of God.

F.B.A. Transform is committed to connecting people in the digital realm through the power of prayer and a common belief that through faith and the triumph of the human spirit you can overcome obstacles and live an extraordinary life.

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